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“We had a short time window to find a house and Jess was great. She listened to us as we explained our needs and responded quickly to any questions that came up. We found a house on time and absolutely love it. It was a great experience. If her work ethic is a reflection of the company, everyone should give them a try. 

Thanks again!”

— Jake Capstick

“Lisa was great to work with. She is very knowledgeable of all the areas of STL. She was able to find our dream home, and with her knowledge put up a competitive bid that won us our home in a bidding war. She continues to  be very responsive to us to this day, and I would use her expertise in the future. I recommend The Nations Network to everyone.”

— Bobbie Emo

“We had a lot of very specific criteria for our new home purchase and our Nations Network realtor was patient and helpful as we looked for and found, our perfect house! They answered correspondence promptly, pointed things to be aware of out in potential houses, and lead us through the closing seamlessly.”

— Kim Maschek 

“My family and I were in a position where we had to sell a home last year and had to sell it quickly. We couldn’t wait for it to sit on the market for weeks or months. We used the outstanding team, The Nations Network and winning the first weekend on the market, we had 5 offers, 3 of which were above asking price! These guys are pros, and it shows.”

—Steven Walschmidt

“Nothing but good things to say to The Nations Network. It has been 4 years since we moved but the staff was all extremely helpful and quick to respond. Our realtors met us late at night and on weekends to accommodate our busy schedule. Negotiating was stress free and easy. Great experience for a first time home buyer. We will definitely use the again.”

— AG Wenzel

“David Nations and his team are top notch! They understand the market and advise you on how to sell your home fast! Our home sold in 2 days! Th team is excellent communicators and knows exactly what you need to sell your house. Can not recommend them enough!!”

—Matthew M.

“I worked with David and his team for several years on selling my home. Not because of lack of effort by David, rather the buyers had difficulty securing a loan. A little background, David worked tirelessly to create a sales contract that included a rent period for the buyers. The rent period allowed the buyers to improve their credit rating a secure a loan. The buyers needed additional time so the sales contract was modified. We were all very patient with the buyers and a to of time and evert was spend to work with the buyers.


Unfortunately after several sales contract extensions the buyers could still not secure a long and services were disengaged. This was a little setback but the best is yet to come… After a short period the house was put back on the market and a new sales contract was written by Davide and we were successful within 30 days to sell the house. I can not be more appreciative of David and his team in not giving up. David’s skill and dedication was instrumental in achieving a successful sale. I would recommend David and his team to any buyer or seller. The amount of knowledge and understanding of real estate business, the ins and outs, Dave is the man!”

—KJ Steyer